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Darren Allison

Darren Allison is a English record producer, musician, and recording engineer. He engineered and co-produced The Divine Comedy’s Liberation, Promenade and Casanova as well as the Father Ted recording sessions.

As a musician he also provided drums and percussions on the albums, before The Divine Comedy was joined by a live drummer, Grant Gordon in 1995 and Miggy Barradas in 1996.

We do not know actually how he went to work with Neil Hannon, prior to this he mainly worked only as an engineer and his works included My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, one of Neil’s favourite albums. He also worked with Eurythmics of whom’s studio, The Church, was used for The Divine Comedy’s albums.

His works with The Divine Comedy gave him a large recognition as a producer and went to work for other bands such as Spiritualized, Belle & Sebastian or Jack.