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Frank Alva Buecheler

Frank Alva Buecheler is a German dramaturgist, but also a director, producer and theatre manager. As a producer he has worked on plays such as My Fair Lady for St Paula Theater in Hambourg or Jekyll & Hide for Bad Hersfeld Festival. As a writer his works include Einsame Menschen, Das Wunder Von Bern or Der Kommdant Spricht (The Kommandant), the latter being translated with his long-time collaborator Tim Clarke.
In 2009 he approached Neil Hannon to work on In May (originally In Mai) a play about a you man dying of cancer. Neil Hannon accepted the project and wrote the music for play while Tim Clarke translated it into English and French...

The project was kept dormant for a while, but finally saw the light of the stage in 2013 for Live at LICA in Lancaster, with help of producer Matt Fenton. A couple of performance in UK followed the next year.