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Miggy Barradas

Miguel ‘Miggy’ Barradas was The Divine Comedy’s drummer from 1996 to 2001.

Born on February 24th 1966, he is the son of musician Miguel Antonio Barradas who he is not to be confused with.

His father grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and after falling in love the with Steel Drums played with the Dixieland Steel Orchestra, who moved to London in the 60’s. He then played with The Sweet, Madness, David Essex and even Michel Le Grand for a James Bond score. [1]

In his early life Miggy started working as a graphic designer in advertising. [2] But his passion for the music took over, and he played for many bands, including Juliet Bowbrick’s The Arguments. He also played for groove-heavy artists as Diana Brown & Barrie K Sharpe, Galliano and Gone Washington.

In 1996, when The Divine Comedy’s drummer Grant Gordon broke his arms and had to be replaced, Miggy joined the band as a permanent member. Although he stooped touring the band after the 2001 split, Miggy still provided drums for the album Absent Friends. At the same time he also recorded a session for A Girl Called Eddy with Julian Simmons, Ivor Talbot and Simon Little.

In 2005, he reunited with Neil Hannon and some of his musicians on the song ‘Vote Beeblebrox’ written by Joby Talbot for The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

In 2002, with Pinkie and Rob Farrer he joined Elvis DaCosta’s band The Full Hundread. He still currently plays for him.

From 2005 to 2009, Miggy hosted the jam session, ‘Express Yourself’ in London’s Camden Town. More recently, Miggy has played for Sheeba Queens and Katarina Holmberg. He was also a permanent member of Soul Funk Secret with Marco Abbatecola, Koffi Kari Kari and Jules Julian. Once again he reunited with Neil Hannon at one of their live shows in 2012.

Miggy was the first Divine Comedian to left us, as he suddenly passed away on June 17th 2016 because of an heart attack.

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