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Rob Farrer

Robert Farrer (born 30th March 1974) is The Divine Comedy’s percussionist since 1995.

Rob studied at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama until 1997. When he was still a student, he was introduced into The Divine Comedy by Joby Talbot along the Brunel Ensemble during the recording of Casanova. He subsequently toured with the band, with the Brunel Ensemble, or just an an extra-member for some TV shows. During the recording of Fin De Siècle, he was officially announced at the 7th member of The Divine Comedy and became a permanent member. When the band split in late 2001, he stayed with Neil Hannon and toured with every line-up until 2007. Although he is known for playing percussions, he has also played various instruments for the band: guitar, keyboards, drums, backing vocals… Even though he now no longer play live with the band, he still contributes to some studio recordings of The Divine Comedy or The Duckworth Lewis Method.

As a professional musician, Rob performs on works by composers such as Joby Talbot, Andrew Skeet, Murray Gold and Graham Fitkin, including lot of soundtrack music (The League Of Gentlemen, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who, Alien Autopsy…). He has also played for various musicals including Lord Of The Rings and Theatre Of Blood, and for notables pop artists including David Knopfler, Peter Gabriel, Katie Melua and Siouxsie.

Other musical involvements include being a band member of Elvis DaCosta, Lord Large, and Christian Forshaw & the Sanctuary Ensemble.

In 2018, Rob has also contributed as a guest-performer for Ian Watson’s London Accordion Orchestra for a movie soundtrack concert featuring most of The Divine Comedy has a backing band.

But Rob is not just a performer, as he also teach music. In 2003, he launched with Stuart ‘Pinkie’ Bates, Remix, a coaching service company for young musicians and students. He now teaches at the Felsted School, where he managed Neil Hannon to play a gig at, and also runs workshops in percussion for the Guildhall.

And, last but not least, Rob is also a fanatic of football!

Rob Farrer’s website: http://www.robfarrer.co.uk/