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Joe Fitzgerald

Joe ‘Stamp’ Fitzgerald (born 13th December 1972) is the drummer and percussionist of Pugwash since 2010.

Prior to this, he used to play in Saville along with Ken O’Duffy (of The Experiment, and late line-up of Light A Big Fire / The Believers), Vincent Duffy and Tosh Flood. One of Saville first demos, Re-live that Darndale Moment, went voted ‘demo tape of the year’ by Hot Press. After some international performances, many media coverage, and two self-released EP, the band released their first album Is Anybody Happier Today? (BDB Record) in 2000. This followed by two other albums: Somnambular Ballads (Reekus Records, 2003) and Nostalgia (Reekus Records, 2008).

Meanwhile, Joe and Tosh also played for Canice Kenealy’s The Sound We Make, and for Shaun McGee’s Dynamo Hymn.

In 2010, Joe, Tosh Flood and Shaun McGee joined Thomas Walsh as the new Pugwash line-up. Together they recorded the album The Olympus Sound (2011). In 2013, the four ‘Pugs’ played with Neil Hannon as his backing band for his performance at Other Voices Derry.

Recently, Joe has also contributed to the recording of the second Duckworth Lewis Method album, Sticky Wickets, and My Lovely EP.