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Dexter Fletcher

Dexter Fletcher is an English actor. He is to be heard on ‘Here Comes The Flood’ because of his American accent.

He was actually introduced to The Divine Comedy by his best friend in school, Miggy Barradas. Here is the whole story as told by himself [1]: “Miggy is a fantastic drummer and was working in Neil’s band, and Neil had seen me in a TV show that was fairly big here in the U.K. called ‘Press Gang’, where I played an American. Neil knew my work and knew that Miguel knew me, and said, “Hey, can you get him in to do some stuff on the album, to read this thing? I want an American accent.” And, so, Neil phoned me up and I went and had a drink with him, and like you do in the pub, we sat and chatted about what he thought it was and what it could be. When he asked me to come and do some stuff for them, I was, like, “This is a dream come true,” so I happily said yes. I ended up going in the studio and recorded, and then I also ended up doing about three or four gigs with them at various venues in London. During the course of that song, I would walk out on stage in a suit, recite my lines, the crowd would go bonkers, and I would walk off again. It was the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever done. But, y’know, The Divine Comedy have got a huge following. That was a great thing that Neil asked me to do that.”

[1] Bullz Eye interview 2008