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Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is an influential English author, screenwriter, journalist, and actor. Among other things he is a fan of cricket and new technologies.

In 2005 he contributed narration to The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy as The Guide. One of his part ‘The Dolphins’ was left over Joby Talbot’s music on the released soundtrack.

On May 22nd 2009 he posted the following message on Twitter: “Dear old @jupitusphillip gave me The Duckworth Lewis Method - an album by Neil Hannon of Divine Comedy and others. Magnif. Loving it much.” which helped the album to raise interest from the media. Although he and the band did not get in touch following this.

It was only in 2013 when recording Sticky Wickets that Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh considered him for a reading on the song ‘Judd’s Paradox’. Through the help of Phill Jupitus they managed to get him in the studio.

Stephen Fry’s website: http://www.stephenfry.com/