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Lawrence Hoy

Lawrence Hoy (born 07/07/1970) was the co-founder with Neil Hannon of the band October in Enniskillen. He played as a guitarist, and also co-written a few songs such as ‘Sands Of Time’. He continued to work with Neil at the very beginning of The Divine Comedy in 1989 (when temporarily named ‘The Cherry Orchard’) playing a few concert and recording the Active Studio demo with Kevin Traynor and John McCullagh. Although, he wasn’t very keen on those line-up changes and did not wish to become a professional musician such as Neil; so left the band at that point, just before they get signed to Setanta Records.

However, Lawrence continued to contribute to the local Enniskillen scene. After October, he formed a new band with former band mate David Graham. In the late nineties he played in Hush until 2011. He is now currently playing in a new formation entitled Cloud 9, and contribute to the organization of the I-Fest. Irvinestown’s music festival.

It was only in the late nineties that Neil Hannon acknowledged Lawrence Hoy for his efforts and contribution to his band.