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Jon Jacobs

Jon Jacobs is a record producer. He has worked for many artists including Elvis Costello, Nick Heyward and Paul McCartney. Some of his works with Paul McCartney also involved Jeff Lynne (of The Electric Light Orchestra). It was following a dinner with Jeff Lynne and Keith Cullen that Neil Hannon considered working with Jon as a producer. Neil went so far to say “at last a guy who makes strings sound like an orchestra, not like a synthesizer” [1]

Jon Jacobs has so produced almost all material recorded by The Divine Comedy from 1997 to 2000. His works include the albums A Short Album About Love and Fin De Siècle as well as some sides-projects: Elvis DaCosta’s Need Your Love So Bad, Tom Jones’s ‘All Mine’ and Ute Lemper’s Punishing Kiss for which The Divine Comedy was the backing band.
He also produced in 2000, the album 8 of the Yellow Monkey for which Joby Talbot also worked arrangements for.

[1] Magic! 09/1998