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Graham Linehan

Graham Linehan is an Irish television writer notably famous for being with Arthur Mathews the writer of Father Ted.

Less known is his work as a music reviewer for Select magazine in the nineties. He reviewed some Setanta Records releases, and fell in love with the Divine Comedy’s music by reviewing Liberation in 1993, and subsequently interviewed Neil Hannon for Volume 9.

In 1994, he contacted Neil Hannon to compose the theme music for Father Ted. The show became a success in UK and Ireland, and, when recording Casanova, Neil was asked to write some songs for the forthcoming series which include the classic ‘My Lovely Horse’.

In 2003, Neil Hannon was guest at Graham’s wedding, at this occasion he first meet Thomas Walsh with whom he’d become friend and make together a new band, The Duckworth Lewis Method.

In 2006, Graham wrote and directed The IT Crowd for which he asked Neil Hannon again to compose the theme music and some incidental music.

In 2014, a mini-series, The Walshes, was broadcast on RTE Television. The series was written by Graham Linehan and Diet of Worms, and featured new music by Neil Hannon.