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Shaun McGee

Shaun McGee is the current bassist of Pugwash. Although he is from Liverpool, Shaun has been deeply involved with the Irish scene since. After playing with Candy Store Rock (1989-1992) and Juliet Turner, in the 2000’s he led Liverpool based band The Dynamo Hymn with Saville’s Tosh Flood and Joe Fitzgerald as well as ex-Picturehouse’s Duncan Maitland. He then contributed to Pugwash’s albums Almanac (2002) and Jollity (2005).

In 2010 he joined the new line-up of Pugwash along Saville’s Tosh Flood and Joe Fitzgerald.

Shaun also played bass with Duckworth Lewis Method at a few occasion in early 2010, though the instrument is more often played by Simon Little. With Pugwash, Shaun has performed again as Neil Hannon’s backing band for his performance at Other Voice Derry in February 2013.