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Millennia Ensemble

The Millennia Ensemble is a string-based ensemble founded by cellists Chris Worsey and Ian Burdge. The Millennia has performed and toured with many artists including The Divine Comedy, Paul McCartney, Travis, Siouxsie, Suede, Ben Folds Five, The Boo Radleys or Luke Haines.

Although musicians from the Millennia has performed with The Divine Comedy in the 90’s; the ensemble has really performed on all the albums since Regeneration, and toured with the band in 2002 (at the Royal Festival Hall) and 2004 (Live At The Palladium). In 2004 they also performed a medley piece of Divine Comedy songs.

Regular members of the ensemble include Chris Worsey, Ian Burdge, Everton Nelson, Catherine Browning, Alison Dods, Vince Greene, Lucy Wilkins and Becca Ware. The ensemble is often arranged and conducted by Andrew Skeet, Joby Talbot and Ben Foster; however the latter one has never directly worked with The Divine Comedy, he arranged sessions for Joby Talbot and Murray Gold.

Millennia Ensemble’s website: http://www.millenniaensemble.com/