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Nick Munro

Nicholas Munro is a musician and close friend to ex-Divine Comedy bassist Bryan Mills. They both met in Edinburgh, where Bryan lived while being at the University.

Both of them quickly started to write music together, and with Bryan’s friend Ivor Talbot they started a band which would become The Kittens.

At the time he was playing for The Divine Comedy, Bryan produced a documentary on the recording of the album Regeneration, A Visual Record, and Nick was involved on the editing of the film.

In the 2000’s Nick and some friends set up a label Alfonzo Records for some his and his friend’s projects The Kittens, Javelin, Comfy Moss, Cousin Simon and Mammal of which Nick is also a member.

In 2008, Mammal (now spelled 7VWWVW) released their debut album on Edinburgh label KFM. After that, Nick, with some friend, set up a new label in Edinburgh, Crystal Wish, for 7VWWVW, The Kittens as well as other bands such as Albaross, Spells Tower and Kyon & Dyems.