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Raphaël Neal

Raphaël Neal is a French photographer and director. He has shot many portraits of music and cinema artists.
In 2016 he approached The Divine Comedy for a photo session, so after the day of the Arte Festival he made a series of photo at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris. The band was very pleased by the result, and asked him for the visual identity of the Foreverland album: doing all the photos (apart from the front cover which was selected by Neil Hannon before) and videos. He introduced figures into his works such as Luna Picoli-Truffaut (grand-daughter of François Tuffaut) and Elina Löwensohn.

In late 2016 he joined the band on tour for a few days, shooting the video of ‘To The Rescue’.

In 2019, he has worked again with The Divine Comedy, directing the video of ‘Norman And Norma’, as well as doing promotional photo shoots.

Raphaël Neal’s website: http://www.raphaelneal.com/