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The Theatrical Cavaliers

The Theatrical Cavaliers is a Cricket Club based around Dublin since 1987 of which members come mostly from the theatrical community, including actors, directors, writers, designers, producers, administrators, as well as friends and family of all of the above. The club is affiliated to The Merrion Cricket Club, a place where The Duckworth Lewis Method have played from times to times.

Whereas Neil Hannon joined them a couple of times to give cricket a go, he actually found himself not good enough to be a regular player [1]. Later, during the making of the second Duckworth Lewis Method album, Sticky Wickets, Neil Hannon considered then have them guest on a song he wrote from them, ‘The Laughing Cavaliers’. The Cavaliers also feature the backing vocals and the video of the single ‘It’s Just Not Cricket’, and joined the band on stage at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin in November 2013.

The Theatrical Cavaliers’ website: http://theatricalcavaliers.wordpress.com/

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