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Recent updates

25/08/2013, New discography, personnel biographies and more!

Following the recent release of The Duckworth Lewis Method’s Sticky Wickets, we have updated the biographies, discographies and lyrics with the new album and its two singles as well as recent side-projects.

The discography has been re-conceived and shall bring you the information more efficiently. All credit notes of the discography have also been corrected and completed; now for most of the musicians you’ll be able to find detailed biographies.

A list of all the personnel who has been involved or collaborated with The Divine Comedy is also available, and will bring you a comprehensive overview of all the significant histories related to the band as well as the links between them.

And, last but not least, piano scores for ‘Assume The Perpendicular’ and ‘Going Downhill Fast’ (solo) have been added, in PDF and MIDI formats.