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10/09/2019, Anniversary updates


30 years ago a young teenager in Northern Ireland had just left school where he mainly spent his day dreaming about being a pop star. He’d come up with a rock band, call it The Divine Comedy without knowing what it meant… A few decades later he has become an accomplished musician and songwriter, and the name The Divine Comedy has been associated with many styles.

To celebrate the 30 years of Neil Hannon’s prolific works, a short site will offer many updates on The Divine Comedy’s career, retrospective analysis, and discuss on what may happen for the anniversary.

To start with, the discography is now up-to-date with the recent releases, including the latest album Office Politics and its complete charts positions, as well as all the recent compilations and covers published by various artists and labels.
Unfortunately most of the recent lyrics haven’t been added onto the site yet. This is actually pure laziness and there is no good excuse to justify, but we remind that a short site is a collaborative website where anyone can contribute.
On the other hand, the Tabs and Score section has been updated following the recent shutdown of the TDCmusic.co.uk website (Richard said he was okay with his works being hosted since he stopped maintaining his site 10 years ago).

Last but not least, the band’s biography has been revised, to sum up what Neil Hannon has been up over the recent years, as well as all the information on the collaborators featured on the latest Divine Comedy albums.