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31/03/2013, BBC Radio Ulster - Live @ the Beeb, 04/09/2010 - Next on

BBC Radio Ulster - Live @ the Beeb, 04/09/2010  - Next on
On April 2nd, BBC Radio Ulster / BBC Radio Foyle will rebroadcast a selection by Mickey Bradley of DC performances from the BBC Archives.
Mickey Bradley with BBC Northern Ireland recordings of Neil Hannon of the Divine Comedy.

29/03/2013, Twitter / ThomasWalsh1

Twitter / ThomasWalsh1
New Duckworth Lewis Method photo.
We need sun QUICK!! DLM - 2013 by Len S. Hood.

27/03/2013, Twitter / ThomasWalsh1

Carl Barât to be on the new Duckworth Lewis Method album.
@carlbaratmusic You're now on our record Carl. Cheers mate. Thomas Duckworth.

20/03/2013, SIB Renoir: TWS 7 - The Divine Comedy - Don't Look Down

The Divine Comedy is the name under which the British musician, singer and songwriter Neil Hannon has been playing for 20 odd years. Although very diverse, his musical style is often identified as “chamber” or “baroque” pop, which means it largely includes the use of classical or baroque instruments.

19/03/2013, La musique à papa: Top albums 1994

The Divine Comedy - Promenade Peaufinant davantage sa musique, Neil Hannon abandonne un peu la guitare et c'est sans doute là qu'il excelle le plus. "Promenade" porte bien son nom, tellement les mélodies semblent couler de source, jusqu'au "Tonight We Fly", final en apothéose, qui fiche carrément la...

19/03/2013, My Top Ten: My Top Ten Motorway Songs

The Divine Comedy - Motorway To Damascus There are obvious nods to Kraftwerk in the backing track (and no, an Autobahn is not a motorway), but the lyrics take us in a much more bizarre direction, updating a biblical journey to a world of solar-panelled rooftops and crumbling cooling towers... ivy-c...

12/03/2013, Peter Von Poehl Interview, Nouvel Album Big Issues Printed Small | Hors d'oeuvre

Peter Von Poehl Interview, Nouvel Album Big Issues Printed Small | Hors d'oeuvre
Peter Von Poehl says he loves The Divine Comedy's Live At Somerset House album.
Quatre ans ! On aura attendu quatre ans le troisième album de Peter Von Poehl, songwriter suédois délicat et inspiré, que l’on suivait en retenant son

12/03/2013, » Blog Archive » Guy Massey and Duckworth Lewis Method

» Blog Archive   » Guy Massey and Duckworth Lewis Method
The Duckworth Lewis Method II is currently being mixed..
Guy Massey is currently engineering and working with Duckworth Lewis Method.. Here’s a snippet of them recording strings in Snap! studios last week.. Duckworth Lewis Method – “string session snippet”

12/03/2013, Twitter / ThomasWalsh1

Twitter / ThomasWalsh1
@duckworthlewis now pass the new cricket-pop ball into the highly capable and multi-talented hands of @guy_massey

11/03/2013, Joby Talbot: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Joby Talbot: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
New Joby Talbot album.
‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, whose score is the first commissioned by The Royal Ballet for

11/03/2013, La Scène Bourguignonne - Hit By Moscow (+ Shannon Wright) @ Deep Inside (Dijon - 13/03/12)

'A Lady Of A Certain Age' was covered last year by Hit By Moscow, a French band.
Le groupe se lance alors dans une version sobre de The Lady Of A Certain Age de Divine Comedy.

11/03/2013, The Divine Comedy: Regeneration

The Divine Comedy: Regeneration
Neil Hannon é um cara sério. Ele já foi um cara muito sério em Fin de Siecle, mas é em Regeneration que o músico irlandês se mostra mais sisudo. Pudera, estava trabalhando com Nigel Godrich, na épo...

09/03/2013, Teacher tries out rain stick

Teacher tries out rain stick
Pianist of Canadian Swallows & Amazons tell us how he wanted to get involved when he learnt the music was composed by Neil Hannon.
Little did Aldergrove's Dave Rosborough know when he took his five-year-old daughter to last year's Gallery 7 showing of Fantasticks, it would land him backstage for the theatre company's spring production.

09/03/2013, Swallows & Amazons (Gallery 7 Theatre's 22nd Season)

Swallows & Amazons (Gallery 7 Theatre's 22nd Season)
Canadian version of Swallows & Amazons trailer.
When John, Susan, Titty, and Roger are granted their wish to camp on an island, they eagerly look forward to a summer full of adventure and fun. Fueled by th...

08/03/2013, 2012-2013 Season: Swallows and Amazons

2012-2013 Season: Swallows and Amazons
Swallows and Amazons was adapted to be performed in Canada !
Gallery 7 Theatre presents Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons, adapted for the stage by Helen Edmundson with music by Neil Hannon.

08/03/2013, Meeting Peoples - Contacts, Contacts, Contacts

How a blogger get to work with songwriters such as Neil Hannon, Cathy Davey and Villagers.
Apologies for my lack of blogging over the past few weeks but it has not been in vain. This project is my highest priority right now and I find it hard to go even an hour without thinking about it....

08/03/2013, Wikipedia:WikiProject Cricket and Englishness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As part of a project, students of the Hofstra University are asked to develop Wikipedia pages on The Duckworth Lewis Method concept album.
In the two weeks beginning on March 11, students in Hofstra University HUHC class In Search of England will be reading a number of texts addressing the cultural history of cricket, most importantly Dominic Malcolm's Globalizing Cricket (2013), which addresses themes such as the emergence of the spor...

08/03/2013, La musique à papa: Top albums 1996

La musique à papa: Top albums 1996
The Divine Comedy - Casanova Après deux disques presque parfaits de sobriété et d'élégance, Neil Hannon commence à avoir les chevilles qui gonflent et se prend pour "Casanova". Au milieu des morceaux un poil sur-arrangés et des excès de froufrous, submergent quelques magnifiques légèretés comme "So...