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French version

Big Men In Frocks

Lyrics: Graham Linehan / Arthur Mathews

Music: Neil Hannon

Published by: BMG Music Publishing Ltd. / Hatrick Productions

Originally interpreted by: Clare Grogan


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This song was written for the Father Ted series. One of the episodes, ‘Rock-a-Hula Ted’ features a parody of Sinéad O’Connor, called Niamh Connolly. In the episode Ted, Dougal and Mrs Doyle watch her on TV when she sings this anti-Catholic song. So only a small part of the song can be heard.

We don’t know if Neil did actually record the song with his own vocals (it’s Clare Grogan who sings in the episode), but he admitted that he was asked to write a couple of Sinéad O’Connor-like songs, which was difficult for him. [1]

[1] Magic! interview, 1996