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French version

National Express

Lyrics & Music: Neil Hannon

Published by: BMG Music Publishing Ltd.

Originally interpreted by: The Divine Comedy

Covered by: The Divine Comedy & Lenny Beige / The Divine Comedy & Duke Special / The Duckworth Lewis Method / Hit Sunfly / Louis Hartshorn (Star In Their Eyes) / Charly Karaoke Group / Lb's Fighting Fund Band


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It is a regular song at gigs and everyone likes it I should say.

It is indeed very efficient: the lyrics are simple, the chorus even more so. So everybody can sing it along. It is just a perfect song to "make you smile".

In 2002, the song was covered by Lenny Beige during a Divine Comedy concert at Edinburgh.

It describes the people who see on a bus, as National Express is a British bus company.

"Tomorrow Belongs To Me" is a song from Cabaret and the tune on that line is that of the song.