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French version

The I.T. Crowd Theme

Music: Neil Hannon

Published by: BMG Music Publishing Ltd. / Fremantle Music Publishing

Originally interpreted by: The Divine Comedy

Covered by: Pocketmaster


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The I.T. Crowd Theme music is one the few – but probably the most famous – of Neil Hannon’s attempts to electronic music. It was also Neil’s second attempt to do the music for a TV series, thanks again to Graham Linehan (who also co-wrote Father Ted).

As well as the opening music, the theme is also present in the form of a few jingles that feature in the series. We haven’t listed all of them yet, but only the three main versions of the theme:
  • The opening music which features the beginning and the end of every episode. It ends with a Windows-error sampled sound.
  • A complete version, without the sample and with a longer outro was once posted on the Divine Comedy’s MySpace page.
  • A remix of this complete version was done for the end of the first series. It was also made available on Philip Meehan’s website.

The DVDs of the series also features such remixes on the menus which emulate classic video games. It is also probably the most covered and remixed Neil Hannon tune since it became very popular in the ‘geek world’.

The song is actually heavily influenced by Gary Numan and said to be based on his hit single ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’.