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French version


Lyrics: Jacques Brel (tr: Shuman)

Music: Gérard Jouannest

Published by: Editions Pouchenel

Originally interpreted by: Jacques Brel

Covered by: Scott Walker / The Divine Comedy


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This is one the most famous covers by TDC – at least in France. It’s said that it is by singing it as an encore at La Cigale in 1993 that Neil conquered the French audience.

Neil actually discovered this song thanks to Scott Walker. Then he listened to the original. For those who don’t know the Jacques Brel version of the Scott Walker version, it’s worth mentioning that they were both accompanied with an orchestra. Of course, Neil couldn’t play with one in ’93 (because he couldn’t afford it) but when he recorded it in studio in ’98, he decided to stick to his acoustic adaptation, with Pinkie at the accordion.

In 2004, Neil played it in a different way on the piano.