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French version

The Miracle Is Mine

Lyrics: Graham Linehan / Arthur Mathews

Music: Neil Hannon

Published by: Damaged Pop Music / BMG Music Publishing Ltd. / Hatrick Productions

Originally interpreted by: Maurice O'Donoghue


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This song was written by Neil Hannon for the Father Ted episode ‘A Song For Europe’. In the story Father Ted competes for the Eurovision against Father Dick Byrne. This song is actually Father Dick Byrne’s entry and was sung by him.

While Ted and Dougal only had their guitar with them to play their entry, ‘My Lovely Horse’, Father Dick Byrne had an orchestra and a choir.

Neil Hannon recorded an original version, and then the vocals were replaced by Maurice O’Donoghue’s vocals to fit in the plot. The original version has been released later on Casanova - Behind The Cravat.

Neil Hannon described the song as tasteless and soulless and worked to made them really crap: “shit! good but real shit!” [1]

Once, Neil Hannon sang a few lines from the song at a live show in Portsmouth, but the song was never properly played live by The Divine Comedy.

[1] Magic! interview, 1996.