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French version

The Model

Lyrics: Ralf Hütter (Ralf Hütter, Karl Bartos, Emil Schult)

Music: Ralf Hütter, Karl Bartos

Published by: No Hassle Music Inc.

Originally interpreted by: Kraftwerk

Covered by: The Divine Comedy


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This Kraftwerk cover is a great one, because of its unexpected acoustic arrangement for a Kraftwerk song.

The song was mainly played during the European Promenade tour in 1994 with a 4-piece band (guitar, violin, cello and piano), especially in Germany. A notable version was recorded in Kraftwerk’s hometown, Düsseldorf, to be released on Indulgence No. 2 but the quality was too bad for being on the record.
However an earlier version played by a 3-piece band at the end of the Liberation tour was recorded at the Sound Factory Festival in Bochum and released on a promo VHS. That same version was released again on Rarities but mis-documented as being played in Düsseldorf. However there is evidence that the line-up was quite different as no piano can be heard.