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Something To Believe In

Lyrics & Music: Dee Dee Ramone / Jean Beauvoir

Originally interpreted by: The Ramones

Covered by: The Pretenders, The Divine Comedy


Keith Cullen affirmed the existence of a studio recording of a cover of The Ramones’ ‘Something To Believe In’ [1]. It seems this track was meant to be released on the Indulgence No. 1 EP but did not make it at the end of the day. Keith: “Neil covered that track on a 7” picture disc which was called indulgence no1 or no2 I can’t remember which, the other one was a live 7”. It might be on the b sides and rareties disc which was with the best of?” [2]
Sadly – except ‘Untitled Melody’ on the Becoming More Like Alfie CD single – no other tracks from the Indulgence No. 1 cover session has been reissued.

[1] Keith Cullen interview by Niall Crumlish on state.ie
[2] Thanks to Niall Crumlish for the complementary information.