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French version

Lost Property

Lyrics & Music: Neil Hannon

Published by: BMG Music Publishing Ltd.

Originally interpreted by: The Divine Comedy

Covered by: Emily Plays / Stella Burns


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The song was inspired by The Divine Comedy’s bassist, Bryan Mills, who always loses his things [1]. The song is a list of things lost. Some are named by pairs depending on the meaning or the musicality (“passports and parkas”). Many are cigarettes packs: “Blue Rizla packets”, “Silk-cuts”, “Bennies”, “ten-packs” and “twenties”. But you also find sports things (“two tennis rackets”, “gym-kits and trainers”), medicine (“C-class narcotics”, “antibiotics”) and even “asthma inhalers”. One night, he dreams that he finds all this things in a sort of Paradise behind his lost “sheep-skin jacket”.

[1] New Comer, 2001