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French version

Leaving Today

Original version (4:19)

So suddenly awake.
No light from yonder window breaks.
No crowing cock,
Just my old clock.
Please make it stop!

I try to wrestle free
But like the dew she clings to me:
“No way, Jose!
You don’t get away
That easily.”

Leaving today.
Leaving today.
Leaving today.

“Release me, let me go.
I love you more that you could know,
All I can do
Is promise to
Come home to you.”

I tiptoe from the bed,
And put my head around the nursery door
To say good-bye.
It breaks my heart
Every single time.

I’m leaving today.
I’m leaving today.
I’m leaving today.

“I could stay if you asked me,
So for God’s sake don’t ask me to stay.
My taxi has arrived.
Good-bye, sweet simple life,

The city’s waking up.
Dreams fizzle out like raindrops.
Racing down the glass,
They blur the street-lamps
As we pass.