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French version

Assume The Perpendicular

Alternate version (4:08)

Well hello everybody, it's me again
Neil, Neil, orange peel, the divine comedian.
Well, I'm a bit out of practice
I guess it's been a while
But here's a few new tunes for you
In a conversational style.

I can't abide a horizontal life
It's time to rise, assume the perpendicular
Jump up and down and make a joyful sound
And talk about nothing in particular.

What have I been up to?
Oh, you know, this and that:
Driving kids to school, writing musicals
Watching Frasier back to back.

I did a bit of recycling, I recycled these chords
Wrote some songs about cricket with my friend and I picked up
A fairly prestigious award.


Excuse me, do Excuse me, do
How dreadfully rude How dreadfully rude
I neglected to I neglected to
Ask after you Ask after you
I trust you're well I trust you're well
In ruddy health In ruddy health
And I trust you will And I trust you will
Enjoy yourself tonight. Enjoy yourself tonight

[Chorus to end]