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French version

Can You Stand Upon One Leg

Original version (3:32)

Can you stand upon one leg?
It’s harder than you think
If you can do it without falling down
You can do just about anything
Go on, see if you can
See how long you can stand on one leg

Can you beat your dad at chess?
It’s harder than you think.
Sit him down at Christmas,
Turn the TV off,
Give him lots of chocolates and a drink
And he might give you a match.
And when you’ve been duly dispatched
He will laugh
“Ha ha ha”
“Ha ha ha”
And you’ll say,
And you’ll say,
“One more game.”
“One more.”

Can you write a silly song?
It’s harder than you think
One that’s not too short,
One that’s not too long,
One that can make everybody sing.
Go on, give it a try,
You might do better than I.
It’s just like
Trying to stand
Trying to stand
On one leg.
On one leg.

Tell me can
Tell me can
You tell a funny joke?
One that makes you laugh out loud,
One that makes the milk come out your nose.
If you know a funny joke then tell it now…

That’s not bad, I’m impressed,
I’m impressed,
But there’s one
But there’s one
Final test:
One final test:

Can you hold a singing note
For a stupidly long time?
Well it’s my party piece
So let’s make it a little harder
By starting it way up high.
Come on, give it a go,
Let’s see how long you can
oooold on to a note!