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French version

A Woman Of The World

Band version, September Sounds, August 1996 (4:16)

When she was just a girl
She became a woman
Of the world.
Soon there wasn’t room en-
Ough for her
In between the bosoms
Of her family.
She popped the cork,
Got on the Greyhound
To New York,
Small-talked her way round
Just the sort
Of playboys’ playground
She’d once dreamed about.

Maybe I love her,
I’m jealous of her.
She’s a woman of the world

She’s a fake.
Sure but she’s a real fake
On the make,
Making up for lost time.
Just you wait.
Ho, give the girl a break
And a fifty dollar bill.
Will see to that.
That ain’t enough to feed the cat,
Serve up the rats and super rats.
They just get fatter
While she fades away.

Maybe I love her,
I’m jealous of her,
She’s a woman of the world.
Maybe I hate her
’Cause I didn’t create her,
It’s human nature, girl.
Maybe I’ll suffer
Just to be her lover,
Just to be part of her world.
Maybe I need her,
’Cause I want to be her -
Babe, can I be your girl?
Maybe I’ll kill her,
Just trying to thrill her
If she don’t kill me first.

We’re making eye-contact.
Oh, those hypnotic eyes attract
Such philanthropic flies. That’s that.
You cannot stop it so why the devil do you try?