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French version


Demo version (3:24)

Another round of interviews
Another pointless party
I really should be getting home
They say that's where the heart is
The taxi driver asks me
Where I'd like to go
And suddenly I'm unsure
Suddenly I just don't know
Where do I call home?
It's where the heart is

Yes, I've had a good life
But still I can't help wondering
If I'd gone a different road
What would have become of me?
In another universe
Am I still living there?
A bored suburban housewife
Slowly tearing out her hair
Who can't escape her home
Home, it's where the heart is

A certain taste of liquorice
The sound of jackdaws in the trees
The smell of silver polish
Waking dormant memories
Why now after all this time
Is it flooding back to me?
Crying out come back to me
Back where you belong
It's time that you came home
Home, it's where the heart is

Skipping ropes and pipe smoke
Church bells on a Sunday
Marmalade on cold toast
Endless summer holidays
The hayrides in the trailer
The mad dash for the sea
The bitter taste of failure
The thrill of victory

I can see it all so clearly
I guess I must be home