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French version

23rd December

Studio version (2:59)

Don't blame yourself, Father.
I want it like this.
We're not to see each other.
It really is what I want.
The time for pleasantries and being considerate is past.
Be happy.
Enjoy yourselves.
Maybe you can think of me.

I went to the doctors again.
We're going to take a two week break from each other.
Should any problems arise I can go to the clinic.
I'm in good hands.

I've got enough pills and painkillers.
Anna's things are still here.
She's tried three times to call me - I didn't answer.
I just heard her voice on the machine.
I'm not going to see anyone during this period.
Will I listen to some Bach?
Or sit myself down at the grand again?

Sometimes when the sun's going down
It catches the black lacquer on the piano
And it's as if a velvet sheen of silvery powder
Is just floating there.

It makes me think of angel dust
And I have to laugh
Where is heaven?

Your son.