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French version

22nd February

Studio version (3:49)

It's raining.
Raining endlessly.
Where will all this water go?
Why do the clouds weep so much?
Where does it come from?
What secrets do the heavens hold?

And my hair is
Falling out now.
I left a message for Anna on her answerphone.
She can come now.
If she will, I do not know.
I haven't heard from her since.

I'm finding it quite hard to read.
My arms hurt.
I can't hold up the book for long.
I've lost weight.
For hours this morning
I lay naked on the floor
Staring at the ceiling.
Just staring at the ceiling.

As my body
Becomes weaker
Time grows ever stronger
I can feel it now.
I have lots of it.

Do people in Los Angeles lie on the floor
And stare at the ceiling?
Do they have time?
How's Lou?
Is the little one growing?
Dear Father.

Your son.