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French version

3rd May

Studio version (4:16)

I spent a few days in the clinic.
I'm feeling a little better.
Doctor Eisenstein calls round every day.
I am grateful to him.

Get in touch with him
After my death.

At last!
It's May.
I made it.
I made it.

I didn't want to make my exit
Any earlier.

Is the best month
In which to take one's leave.

It occurred to me
That as a child
It was always my wish to die
In May.
In May, in May, in May.

It was always my
Dearest wish to die
In the month of May.

All the plants and trees
Freshly decked in green.

Blooming, thriving, blossoming.
It's as if I'm drunk!
I'm the king of the world!
All my wishes are
Coming true!