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English version


Démo Active Studio, Banbridge, 1989 (3:21)

I wake up and pull my irrelevant hair.
I go out, out in the irrelevant air.
I come home and drink my irrelevant tea.
I stay up to watch some more irrelevant scenes.

I feel sick, sick of my irrelevant state of mind
As I irrelevantly contemplate the kind of things
That I’ve just sacrificed
In order to say tree of life,
A tree of love,
A tree of love.

Whether you be the son of Socrates
Is irrelevant.
Whether you believe that there are no Christmas tree
Is irrelevant.
And whether you agree with God or the deputy
Is irrelevant.
See you must conceive
That we all need
To let the seed
Grow to become a tree
Of love,
Tree of life
Minor way can you forgive us
Now we have sown.