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French version

Bernice Bobs Her Hair

Live version (4:47)

Woman in the audience: Eh! The Divine Comedy!
Neil: Bonsoir mon ami! Oh, I’m touched.
Man in the audience: Neil!
Neil: Hey? Don’t give me that. I’m, I’m nervous enough […]. Right.

Bababababa baba.

Bernice bobs her hair
In the barber’s in the square.
All her new-found friends are there
To see it done.
Bernice bobs her hair.
She’s been driven to despair
’Cause her cousin doesn’t care
About anyone.

Her hair was long. Her hair was dark.
Her hair flowed down her back
And now it lies upon the floor.
Bernice runs out the door.

Bababababa, bababababa, babababala,
Bababababa, babababababababalam, bababababa, ba.

Marjorie had told her what to wear to the parties.
Marjorie had told her what to say to the boys.
Now Marjorie was jealous of her social advances
And presented her with this choice:

“Bernice, bob your hair.
You’ve persistently declared
This intention. Do you dare
To disagree?” Yeah.
So Bernice bobs her hair
And is instantly ensnared
In a trap so well prepared
By Marjorie. Yeah.

Her hair was long. Her hair was dark.
Her hair flowed down her back.
The mirror tells of her mistake.
Her heart is fit to break.

So when it’s dark and her cousin sleeps
Into the room she creeps.
Marjorie’s curls come down like rain.
Bernice runs for her...

Bababababa, bababababa, bababababa, lalalala.
Bababababa, bababababa, bababababa, ba.
Bababa, bababa, bababa.

Bernice bobs her hair.