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French version


Original version (5:31)

Old worlds seen through new eyes.
Just you and I
And the sheltering sky.

The battle is over
But the war’s not yet won.
It’s only just begun.

We’ll walk the razor’s edge,
The highest ledge
Of the world’s highest window.

The first lap is finished
But the race isn’t run.
It’s only just begun.

Where will we run to?
And where will we hide?
Where will we rest our heads tonight?
Where is the party?
And who will be there?
Angels or devils, we don’t care,
We don’t care.

New forms, new formulae.
X plus Y
Equals new life.

They’ll tell you it’s over,
Just tell them they’re wrong
‘Cause it’s only just,
It’s only just
It’s only just begun.
Oh yeah.