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French version

To Our Fathers In Distress - Sunday Lunch

Live version

‘We do not presume to come to this table…
Trusting in our own righteousness
Bit in thy manifold and great mercies
We are not worthy so much as to gather up the crumbs
From under thy table’

Now you miserable sinners
Guess who’s coming to dinner
Is it Granny and Grangpa?
No, a man from Uganda
I want your best behaviour
He might decide to pray for ya
What’s the smell from the kitchen?
Blas, I forgot the chicken!

Grandpa Butler is so much more fun
Telling stories of when he was young
Of Australia and aristocrats
One day I’ll do that

Pass the salt, please
Could I have some more gravy?
It’s ‘may I have’, it’s ‘may I have’
I don’t want to miss the Grand Prix
In on the left, out on the right
I very much enjoyed your sermon
In on the left, out on the right
Have you been to Ireland before?
Is that a scratch on the dining room table?
Yes, it does rain here a lot
What have I said about racing your cars?
In on the left, out on the right
Bless us and save us!
In on the left, out on the right
That was delicious
Lord bless us and save us!