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French version

Three Cheers For Pooh

Original version (1:27/4:15)

Three Cheers for Pooh
For Who?
For Pooh!
Why what did he do?
I thought you knew;
He saved his friend from a wetting!

Three Cheers for Bear!
For where?
For Bear!
He couldn’t swim,
But he rescued him!
He rescued who?
Oh, listen, do!
I am talking of Pooh.
Of who?
Of Pooh!
I’m sorry I keep forgetting.

Well. Pooh was a Bear of Enormous Brain -
Just say it again!
Of enormous brain -
Of enormous what?
Well, he ate a lot,
And I’m not sure if he could swim or not,
But he managed to float
On a sort of boat
On a sort of what?
Well, a sort of pot.
So now let’s give him three hearty cheers,
So now let’s give him three hearty whiches?
And hope he’ll be with us for years and years,
And grow in health and wisdom and riches!

Three Cheers for Pooh!
For who?
For Pooh!
Three Cheers for Bear
For where?
For Bear!
Three Cheers for the wonderful Winnie-the-Pooh!
Just tell me, somebody
What did he do?!