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French version


16/06/1994, Paris - Passage Du Nord-Ouest

Source : Audience/Soundboard

Audience CD 1:
1. Lucy04:38
2. Europe By Train04:34
3. Your Daddy's Car04:01
4. A Drinking Song04:24
5. When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe04:02
6. I Was Born Yesterday04:03
7. The Summerhouse05:00
8. Geronimo01:53
9. Don't Look Down06:03
10. The Model04:36
Audience CD 2:
1. Bernice Bobs Her Hair04:23
2. Queen Of The South04:38
3. Festive Road02:25
4. Ten Seconds To Midnight03:33
5. Wuthering Heights05:48
6. The Pop Singer's Fear Of The Pollen Count04:41
7. We Are The Champions00:53
8. Jackie04:44
9. Tonight We Fly03:13
10. Moon River01:58
11. Going Downhill Fast03:37
Soundboard CD 1:
1. (intro)01:42
2. Lucy03:51
3. Europe By Train [sightly cut]04:48
4. Your Daddy's Car04:13
5. A Drinking Song04:40
6. When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe03:53
7. I Was Born Yesterday04:30
8. The Summerhouse05:34
9. Geronimo01:47
10. Don't Look Down05:41
11. The Model [cut]04:44
11. The Model [continued]00:48
Soundboard CD 2:
1. Bernice Bobs Her Hair04:42
2. Queen Of The South06:05
3. Festive Road03:03
4. Ten Seconds To Midnight04:00
5. Wuthering Heights07:12
6. The Pop Singer's Fear Of The Pollen Count04:58
7. We Are The Champions00:46
8. Jackie05:02
9. Tonight We Fly04:30
10. Moon River02:22
11. Going Downhill Fast [cut]00:19


Audience DAT:
Many parts between songs (mainly applauses) were cut off during the original editing.

The recording sadly is not sourced from the master. Hence there are some parts which were dropped during copies.
Also, it seems one of the copy was done with an automatic gain control. Hence, while we can clearly hear what Neil says between songs, it also added an insane amount of hiss on the recording. Perhaps also the cassette was copied in Type I mode while it was a Type IV. Most of the hiss was digitally removed but part of it is still present.