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French version


14/06/1996, Brussels - Le Botanique

Source : Audience

CD 1:
1. (intro)01:55
2. Something For The Weekend04:26
3. Becoming More Like Alfie03:17
4. Your Daddy's Car04:52
5. Geronimo01:59
6. Don't Look Down05:27
7. The Frog Princess06:39
8. Bernice Bobs Her Hair04:10
9. I Was Born Yesterday04:33
10. When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe03:50
11. In And Out In Paris And London03:41
CD 2:
1. The Summerhouse05:57
2. Songs Of Love04:06
3. Lucy05:18
4. The Pop Singer's Fear Of The Pollen Count04:52
5. The Dogs And The Horses07:08
6. I'm All You Need05:23
7. Through A Long And Sleepless Night07:11
8. Tonight We Fly03:31


Speed may be a little too slow on the first part.
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