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22/06/1996, Super Bock Super Rock, Alcántara - Passeio Marítimo

Source : Audience

1. Your Daddy's Car03:58
2. The Frog Princess06:07
3. Bernice Bobs Her Hair05:19
4. The Summerhouse04:44
5. Lucy04:31
6. Charge05:07
7. Songs Of Love04:26
8. The Pop Singer's Fear Of The Pollen Count04:56
9. The Dogs And The Horses05:19
10. Tonight We Fly03:29


Another audience source of this show is said to be in existence.
Audience->unknown->cassette->unknown->Cassete Deck (Sony, unknown model)
->Zoom H2->WAV->Digital processing->split to CD WAV

The original file that was provided from a trade was a 44.1kHz file, but from a downsampled source at 22kHz,
which is strange as the Zoom H2 record at least at 44.1kHz.

Due to a high distortion level, only the left channel was kept, the other being too much noisy.
Additionally declipping was done with iZotope RX II and spectral repair to remove wind noises.
Some eq was done too as the bass were quite low in the recording.