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French version


10/08/1996, London - York Hall

Source : Audience

CD 1:
1. (intro)00:34
2. Lucy04:33
3. Something For The Weekend04:17
4. Becoming More Like Alfie03:17
5. Your Daddy's Car04:41
6. The Frog Princess06:25
7. The Pop Singer's Fear of The Pollen Count05:14
8. Bernice Bobs Her Hair03:53
9. I Was Born Yesterday04:08
10. A Woman Of The World04:37
11. Geronimo01:53
12. Don't Look Down [pt.1, cut]02:04
CD 2:
1. Don't Look Down [pt.2, cut]02:27
2. Songs Of Love04:38
3. I'm All You Need05:03
4. Through A Long And Sleepless Night07:26
5. The Dogs And The Horses05:55
6. Ten Seconds To Midnight03:24
7. Tonight We Fly04:12
8. Charge06:21


It seems that the original recorder device had something like auto-gain; but the 2 channels were recorded at a different volume. Therefore the volume on the left channel is compressed and quite constant; while on the right channel the volume is lower and has more dynamic. Hence more gain has been added in the right channel; and the 2 channels have been mixed to have less difference of volume between the 2 channels.
Unfortunately this is a low generation copy and it had notable hiss. Hiss reduction has been done, but the result can't be perfect. A master tape would be welcome for better restoration.

Audience->unknow->2nd/3rd(?)-generation type II cassette->Nakamichi DR-1
->Thomson/Hama Scenium KD4112 cable->Roland Edirol R-09HR
->WAV 48000Hz 24bits->Adobe Audition:
* Volume left: +9 dB
* Volume rigtht: +15 dB
->iZotope RXii:
* hiss reduction, different settings for each channels and sides
->Adobe Audition:
* Mixing channels (75/2 - 25/75)
* Manual clicks and drops fix
* Limiter: +5 dB
* Conversion to 44100Hz 16bits
->split to CD WAV