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20/10/1996, London - Shepherd's Bush Empire

Source : Audience

1. Bath
2. Tonight We Fly
3. Middle-Class Heroes
4. Your Daddy's Car
5. Becoming More Like Alfie
6. Johnny Mathis' Feet [American Music Club]
7. Europe By Train
8. The Frog Princess
9. In Pursuit Of Happiness
10. Everybody Knows (Except You)
11. Someone
12. Timewatching
13. If...
14. If I Were You (I'd Be Through With Me)
15. I'm All You Need
16. Make It Easy On Yourself [Burt Bacharach] [feat. Elvis Dacosta]
17. A Drinking Song
18. Something For The Weekend
19. The Dogs And The Horses


Note : this is an audience film recording of the concert and has nothing to do with the official video.

=> (unknow)
=> n-generation VHS (PAL)

B.E.S.T. : On
Digital 3R : On
Digital T.B.C/N.R. : On
Spatializer: ->ST

=> SCART out
=> Thomson KCV196G adapter
=> Thomson KCV410G Y/C S-video cable + Thomson KCA141G RCA Audio cable
=> Canopus ADVC 110
=> Adobe Premiere CS3

Video: DVSD
Frame size: 720h 576v (1,067)
Frame rate: 25.00fps
Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1/DV PAL (1.067)
Fields: Lower Field First
Audio: PCM stereo 16 bits
Sample rate: 48000Hz

=> Virtual Dub 1.8.8 -> cut begining and end => DV AVI + PCM WAV

=> Adobe Audition 3.0 :
Clicks removing
Normalization to -0.5dB
High Hiss reduction (-20dB)
Clicks removing

=> Canopus ProCoder
Audio: PCM
Video Basic: Mastering Quality
Video Bitrate: CQ (Contant Quality), Max Bitrate: 7800, Quantization Level: 1.00
Video Advanced:
Sequence Header on each GOP
VBV Buffer Size: 224
Max GOP Size: 15
GOP Structure: Automatic
Picture Structure: Always Frame
Closed GOP
Intro DC Precision: 9
Strict GOP bitrate control

=> MPEG-2 Elementary Stream

=> Adobe Encore DVD CS3