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French version


27/03/1997, London - Royal Festival Hall

Source : Audience

1. Intro Music01:21
2. Bath03:50
3. Tonight We Fly02:54
4. Middle-Class Heroes05:57
5. Everybody Knows (Except You)04:30
6. Someone06:10
7. Becoming More Like Alfie02:59
8. When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe04:19
9. Timewatching04:55
10. Johnny Mathis' Feet03:47
11. In Pursuit Of Happiness04:00
12. The Frog Princess06:12
13. A Woman Of The World04:46
14. If...05:08
15. Europe By Train05:05
16. Lucy04:49
17. If I Were You (I'd Be Through With Me)04:40
18. I'm All You Need04:44
19. The Dogs And The Horses06:05
20. A Drinking Song05:37
21. Something For The Weekend04:26
22. Mr Blue Sky05:23
23. Mr Blue Sky (edited version)05:40


Track #23 is an edited version of the Mr Blue Sky performance like Neil and the band would have wanted it.