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French version


02/05/1997, Heineken Green International Music Festiva, Dublin - Castle Courtyard

Source : Audience

1. Bath04:08
2. The Popsinger's Fear Of The Pollen Count04:28
3. Everybody Knows (Except You)03:51
4. Middle-Class Heroes06:12
5. Becoming More Like Alfie02:54
6. The Frog Princess05:34
7. A Woman Of The World04:15
8. Someone06:27
9. In Pursuit Of Happiness03:24
10. Lucy04:14
11. Something For The Weekend [pt1]01:03
12. Something For The Weekend [pt2]02:48


I came across many versions of this bootleg, here are the transfer details of the latest version I remastered.
Parts of previous lower quality, but more complete versions are featured at the end of track 11 and begining of track 12.

Audience->?->Bootleg Cassette->Nakamichi DR-1 (azimuth adj.)->Thomson/Hama Scenium KD4112 cable->Roland Edirol R-09HR
->WAV 48000Hz 24bits->Adobe Audition CC 2017:
* Volume adjustements
->Izotope RX 5: hiss reduction
->Adobe Audition:
* Manual clicks removal
* Fixing gaps
* Conversion to 44100Hz 16bits
->split to CD WAV