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French version


07/12/1998, Belfast - Ulster Hall

Source : FM

1. Intro00:44
2. Don't Look Down04:53
3. Commuter Love04:47
4. If I Were You (I'd Be Through With Me)04:41
5. Thrillseeker03:47
6. Europop04:23
7. Radioactivity06:26
8. Becoming More Like Alfie02:59
9. National Express04:51
10. Life On Earth04:16
11. The Certainty Of Chance04:10
12. Here Comes The Flood03:44
13. Tonight We Fly03:06
14. Sunrise02:46


The end of 'Sunrise' is missing: it wasn't broadcast actually.
Some parts between songs were cut off, probabably from broadcast, but the recording may have also been edited out.
Sourced from a digital radio broadcast.