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French version


18/09/2001, Les Nuits Botaniques, Brussels

Source : Webcast

1. Love What You Do03:54
2. Tonight We Fly03:44
3. Bad Ambassador04:07
4. Lost Property05:22
5. Your Daddy's Car05:10
6. The Beauty Regime05:31
7. Thrillseeker03:50
8. Sweden03:57
9. Note To Self07:16
10. Oh Yeah05:24
11. Perfect Lovesong03:17
12. Lucy05:46
13. Mastermind06:01


This recording comes from a webcast from the RTBF website. The streaming was WMA at 128kbps and there is one channel only (but this seems to come from the original recording). All of this and the fact that Neil was drunk make the quality of the recording not very good.