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18/04/2003, Music Asides - BBC1 Northern Ireland

Source : TV

Chapter 1:
[Heineken/Hot Press Awards, 20/02/1997] + [Heineken-Hot Press Awards, 09/04/1998] + [Hot Press Awards, 07/10/1999]
Something For The Weekend [Top Of The Pops, 28/06/1996]

Chapter 2: Mother Dear

Chapter 3: Enniskillen, William Blake Pub
Everybody Knows (Except You) [Heineken/Hot Press Awards, 20/02/1997]
A Drinking Song (Acoustic at the William Blake pub, 2003)

Chapter 4: St. Angelo Airport
Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live at St. Angelo Airport, 2003)
National Express [Later With Jools Holland, 01/12/1998]

Chapter 5: Londonderry
[Top Of The Pops, 28/06/1996]
[Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, 02/11/2001]
[Top Of The Pops, 05/03/1998]
[Top Of The Pops, 21/03/1997]
Digital Watch

Chapter 6: Enniskillen
Generation Sex [Top Of The Pops, 05/03/1998]
Something For The Weekend [Top Of The Pops, 28/06/1996]
Songs Of Love (Acoustic at the William Blake pub, 2003)
The Frog Princess [TFI Friday, 01/11/1996]

Chapter 7: Portora Royal School
Interview with Neil's teatcher William McBride
My Lovely Horse (Acoustic at the Portora Royal School, 2003)

Chapter 8: St. Macartin's Cathedral
Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind [Across The Line, 1998]
Marble Arch Caves [Songs of Praise, 29/05/1985]

Chapter 9: Neil Hannon's first Piano
When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe (Home live, 2003)

Chapter 10: Fivemiletown
I've Been To A Marvellous Party [video]
I've Been To A Marvellous Party [TFI Friday, 27/03/1998]
The Summerhouse [Across The Line, 1998]

Chapter 11: The formation of a band
The Certainty Of Chance [video]
The Popsinger's Fear Of The Pollen Count [video]
Something For The Weekend [video]
Becoming More Like Alfie [video]
? unknow ?, 1998
National Express [video]
[Hot Press Awards, 07/10/1999]
? unknow ?, 1997
[TFI Friday, 01/11/1996]
[Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, 02/11/2001]
The Popsinger's Fear Of The Pollen Count [video]
National Express (Acoustic at the Portora Royal School, 2003)


This is a documentary about Neil Hannon (from The Divine Comedy) and the years before he was famous (1984 - 1995).
The program visits places of significance for Neil as well as featuring interviews with him and other previously unseen footage.

There are also many footages from BBC (or other) appearances between 1996 and 2003.

Sadly this recording is 'incomplete': the very begining is missing and the tape was damaged near the end.

Director: Bob O'Brien
Producer: Paul Evans
Title music: Cormac O'Cathain
Titles: Streetmonkey, Adculture
Rostrum: Caboom
Camera Operator: Mick O'Rourke, Bob O'Brien
Sound Mixer: Paul Maynes
On Line Editing: Mumbo Jumbo
Audio Dub: Lime Street Studios
Production Assistant: Norma O'Brien
Researcher: Ronan McCloskey
Executive Producer BBC: Mike Edgar
Editor: Gerard Brady
Head of Production: Helen Murray
Executive Producer: Stephen Stewart

With Thanks to: Mr and Mrs Hannon, Rev. Brian Courtney, Portora Royal School

Green Inc. Film & Television

=> (unknow)
=> VHS (PAL Mono)

=> JVC HR S8500MS VCR:
B.E.S.T. : On ;
Digital 3R : On ;
Digital T.B.C/N.R. : On ;
Spatializer: ->ST

=> SCART out
=> Thomson KCV196G adapter
=> Thomson KCV413G Y/C S-video cable + Thomson KCA121 RCA Audio cable
=> Canopus ADVC 110
=> Adobe Premiere CS3

Video: DVSD:
Frame size: 720h 576v (1,067) ;
Frame rate: 25.00fps ;
Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1/DV PAL (1.067) ;
Fields: Lower Field First
Audio: PCM stereo 16 bits:
Sample rate: 48000Hz

=> Virtual Dub 1.8.8 -> PCM WAV -> Adobe Audition 3.0 :
Normalization to -0.5dB
Clicks removing
Hiss reduction (-8dB) + FFT filter around 7050Hz

=> Canopus ProCoder
Audio: PCM
Video Basic: Mastering Quality
Video Bitrate: CQ (Contant Quality) ; Max Bitrate: 7800 ; Quantization Level: 1.00
Video Advanced:
Sequence Header on each GOP ;
VBV Buffer Size: 224 ;
Max GOP Size: 15 ;
GOP Structure: Automatic ;
Picture Structure: Always Frame ;
Closed GOP ;
Intro DC Precision: 9 ;
Strict GOP bitrate control

=> MPEG-2 Elementary Stream => DVD-lab Pro 2 -> adding chapter points and menu => VIDEO_TS