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French version


10/06/2004, Sheffield - The Leadmill

Source : Audience

CD 1:
1. Lonely At The Top [Randy Newman]02:33
2. Absent Friends04:29
3. Your Daddy's Car05:03
4. Generation Sex04:36
5. Everybody Knows (Except You)04:36
6. Come Home Billy Bird04:37
7. National Express04:16
8. I Hold Your Hand In Mine [Tom Lehrer]02:08
9. The Happy Goth04:30
10. Our Mutual Friend06:47
11. The Summerhouse05:15
12. Becoming More Like Alfie04:24
13. Mack The Knife [Kurt Weill]03:44
14. Lucy04:50
15. Leaving Today04:51
16. Freedom Road03:43
CD 2:
1. Songs Of Love04:36
2. Sweden05:23
3. My Lovely Horse01:34
4. Do You Realize? [The Flaming Lips]04:58
5. Charmed Life05:40
6. Tonight We Fly04:47


This audience recording was done on MiniDisc, hence a little compression.
The taping equipment is unknown.
The transfer was likely done via analogue output onto CD-R.
I received CD-R from a trader in 2015. Because of bad storage, the surface of one of the disc was scratched, and unplayable. He sent me his own copy then.
It was not until 2019 that thanks to a CD repair machine, the CD could finally be extracted properly.
A couple of errors were still presents and have been digitally fixed using Adobe Audition.